immature stage

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The authors give advice on how to use the book and then uniformly set out each chapter into sections on adult biology, immature stage biology, a description of immature stages, and a discussion.
The genera of this tribe share many immature stage characters with the Preponini particularly Siderone and Zaretis (a result supported by ADUSE-POKU et al.
One popular item is wormlike larvae, or the immature stage of an insect.
He had a copious gift as a melodist already at that immature stage of his development.
Last year, Murata pumped the stomach contents of a trout he'd caught at Laguna Niguel and found midge pupae, an immature stage of insects that resemble mosquitoes.
Many of these platforms remain in such an immature stage that they have yet to be applied to drug candidates.
Grassi (1907) was the first to report an immature stage of phlebotomine sandfly in natural condition in Rome and was described as a new species, Phlebotomus mascittii.
New wax comb (NW) was found to be the poorest larval diet inducing prolonged immature stage duration, shortening adult moth longevity, decreasing egg productivity, retarding oviposition, prolonging the entire life-cycle duration and causing significantly higher overall life stage mortality.
MDS is a collection of disorders in which blood cells remain at an immature stage within the bone marrow and never fully develop into cells capable of performing their normal functions.
atopovirilia in its immature stage, and found that all compounds were harmful when sprayed at the egg-larval period and, as well as inthe pre-pupal and pupal phases.
In that model we assumed that 50% of larvae were likely to be feeding within 1 to 2 cm of any infected nymph, the distance over which co-feeding ticks can pick up nonsystemic infections (1,2), because in the wild very few rodents carry nymphs in the absence of larvae (1,13), and >95% of all immature stage ticks feed in aggregations, mostly on the ears and also around the eyes or on the snouts of mice and voles.
Moreover, in all of these nests there were emergencies with normal immature stage durations.