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Shillong (Meghalaya) [India], Mar 4 ( ANI ): North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) Convener Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday claimed that the Congress Party's decision to send its top leadership to Meghalaya lacked calculation and showed the immaturity of the party president Rahul Gandhi.
This paper addresses the spiritual discouragement and religious doubt that can arise in the Christian therapist who repeatedly experiences spiritual immaturity and crisis amongst his or her Christian clients.
All opposition parties agreed to accept the decision but they are now showing immaturity, she added.
The UAE representative's remarks indicated irresponsibility and immaturity of that country," Head of the Iranian Parliamentary Delegation to the 136th Assembly of the IIPU Gholamali Jafarzadeh Imenabadi said on Monday.
SIR - Mr Stephen Doughty's highly theatrical resignation from the Labour Party Shadow Cabinet team, on live national TV, was political immaturity on an epic scale.
If you go back to that period, the chemistry, a young guy understandably perceived as the chosen one, but also someone who had immaturity," said Dennis.
Meanwhile, the objectives of the study are to examine the relationship between family problems, inability to adapt with new culture, language problem and emotional immaturity towards expatriate failure.
He said the decision of the Arvind Kejriwal- led P government to quit after 49 days was taken in a hurry and it was because of political immaturity.
The immaturity was visible to the public in the form of undue delay in the formation of provincial government.
I think he has just showna little bit of immaturity.
Respondents also rated peer pressure (67%), immaturity (52%) and shortfalls in the learning process (45%) as being important risk factors.
A STUDY has revealed that men don't reach maturity or 'grow up' until they're 43 and it has helpfully produced a list of signs to help you spot the level of immaturity in your man.