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He looked a long time at Elijah, but could not see whether he breathed or not, and he was too immeasurably far away to make an investigation.
He compared the tale, as yet unwritten, with the tales of the sea-writers, and he felt it to be immeasurably superior.
He was so immeasurably far away from the faintest suspicion of what was coming that he exerted his ingenuity, in the hope of sparing her.
I added immeasurably to my old friend's surprise by not even employing the post-office.
We were older than they--the Story Girl was fifteen and I was nearly that; and all at once it seemed as if we were immeasurably older than the rest, and possessed of dreams and visions and forward-reaching hopes which they could not possibly share or understand.
Even an alki-stiff would have reckoned himself immeasurably superior.
At a period immeasurably antecedent to the silurian epoch, continents may have existed where oceans are now spread out; and clear and open oceans may have existed where our continents now stand.
One thing I know,' returned he, with a deep sad sigh; 'you are immeasurably happier than I am.
The evidence of the change surprised and hurt Tarzan immeasurably.
Swift and comprehensive is the recognition of white man for white man in African wilds; instant and sure is the spiritual greeting between mother and babe; unhesitatingly do master and dog commune across the slight gulf between animal and man; immeasurably quick and sapient are the brief messages between one and one's beloved.
He fascinated me immeasurably, and I feared him immeasurably.
Sometimes I have endeavoured to discover what quality it is which he possesses that elevates him so immeasurably above any other person I ever knew.