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Dr Raina said: " It has been observed that patients whom diagnosis was delayed or treatment deferred until after delivery had an inferior survival compared to those who received immediate diagnosis and treatment.
An immediate diagnosis was carried out by the Network Operations Centre and Emergency Team to resolve the fault and we were successfully able to fully restore our services on the same day without the need to rely on other networks or so-called "national roaming", Al Mamari explained.
Many skin diseases have similar symptoms and an immediate diagnosis may not be possible.
This growth is mainly attributed to the increasing number of cardiac patients and the demand of immediate diagnosis of the diseases.
A STAT interrupt feature allows users to load and prioritize STAT samples during system operation to meet immediate diagnosis and treatment needs.
Ahead of the clash on Monday night, a game that will be played out in front of an audience of millions and will see the likes of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher offer an immediate diagnosis of where Pardew is going wrong, Wenger felt that managers deserve time to build their clubs.
Zaman Khan apprised the doctors and nurses of the immediate diagnosis and treatment of dengue fever.
Immediate diagnosis suggested a lay-off of around 10 days but the news darkened in the ensuing 48 hours as the seriousness of the injury became apparent.
In symptomatic patients, US-assisted pelvic examination can provide an immediate diagnosis in many cases, without the need for time-consuming and expensive referrals.
The tumor mass was excised at the bilateral terminal base point, and was sent to pathology for an immediate diagnosis.
The authors pointed to the importance of immediate diagnosis, aggressive surgical treatment as well as reduction of immunosuppresion and the prescription of optimum antibiotic chemotherapy in order to achieve a significant reduction in mortality [5].

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