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A large number of the victims, all requiring immediate diagnosis and/or on-site treatment, can seriously tax emergency-responder personnel and resources.
The TMJ-Appliance[TM] has been used for ten years for immediate diagnosis and treatment.
Ruby was wrong to get back on Kauto Star, not because subsequent events have shown the horse had a fracture, but because any horse who has fallen is simply beyond immediate diagnosis.
The immediate diagnosis was a nerve irritation in Penny's upper right arm, the same injury that for all those weeks had him alternating between getting treatment in the trainer's room, playing catch on the field and looking for creative ways to avoid the media.
As there was no doctor present on the flight, a cabin crew member contacted the MedLink service whose physicians made an immediate diagnosis of a heart attack and gave advice on emergency treatment.
Only immediate diagnosis and aggressive treatment will prevent a fatal progression to multiorgan involvement, said Dr.
Turner said there were two separate issues to be considered when dealing with concussion in a jockey - immediate diagnosis on the racecourse and clearance to return to race riding.
Conventional CT and MR imaging lack sensitivity in evaluating acute strokes during the first 24 to 36 hours, whereas CT perfusion imaging can provide immediate diagnosis of major vessel blockages or bleeding in the brain.
Connected Diagnostics optimizes the features of the Fault Monitoring application with immediate diagnosis and prioritization of engine system fault alerts.
Patients showing early symptoms require immediate diagnosis and treatment, e.
The fulminant course of NSTIs (in the order of hours) demands immediate diagnosis and adequate interventions in order to salvage lives and limbs.
Health Secretary Andy Burnham said the phone and website service will provide immediate diagnosis and access to drugs without the need to see a GP.

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