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IMMEMORIAL. That which commences beyond the time of memory. Vide Memory, time of.

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496, 515 (1939) ("Wherever the title of streets and parks may rest, they have immemorially been held in trust for the use of the public.
Florida, (71) where Hugo Black threw out the Due Process Clause with an eye toward the European conflict, he wrote: "Tyrannical governments had immemorially utilized dictatorial criminal procedure and punishment to make scapegoats of the weak, or of helpless religious, or confessions of several black youths interrogated over the course of several days with little rest and no access to assistance.
403) Justice Hugo Black once noted that "[t]yrannical governments had immemorially utilized dictatorial criminal procedure and punishment," Chambers v.
a simple decision by Norway to invade land that was immemorially Danish).
Enter where, immemorially, Memory holds, sifting, the unlost stories.
This figuration is effective, making the rain suggest the immemorially and almost constitutively feminine activity of sewing, enjoined upon women in countless conduct-books and rules as a productive and regulatory discipline, to keep the glance averted and the hands out of mischief.
Disheveled clowning, ragbag costumes, bawdy ad-libbing, a plot not only classic, but immemorially traditional, and under the slap-happy style (slap-happy of course derives from exactly this kind of theater) a vast deal of skill and polish.
In social themes and mythic archetypes, Updike, Verduin insists, "continues to interrogate those myths of flesh and spirit, death and life, female and male, that immemorially divide the Western mind" (74).