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Tod's dressing-gown into a bundle, put it into the bed beneath the pail of water instead of himself, and left the room also--grinning immensely.
Consequently, he had a quality of experience that was immensely valuable in straightening out the tangled affairs of the telephone.
The victory of the queer beggar made him immensely popular.
He was immensely excited at the news, and in the excess of his feel- ings invited me up to take a turn with him that night in a scrutiny of the red planet.
The latter felt immensely superior to his friend, but he inclined to condescension.
particularly since, a propos of something or another, the Marquis had declared the Englishman to be immensely and indubitably rich?
The thing which puzzles me is taking with me a crew of stupid fishermen, which crew will annoy me immensely, whilst if, by chance, there were among you any who have seen the sea "
Your services are immensely appreciated," she said with an amusing touch of importance as of a great official lady.
He is getting on beautifully with his French; for though I don't think the place is so good as papa supposed, yet Harold is so immensely clever that he can scarcely help learning.
For some time no more was heard of them; then news came of Ellen's marriage to an immensely rich Polish nobleman of legendary fame, whom she had met at a ball at the Tuileries, and who was said to have princely establishments in Paris, Nice and Florence, a yacht at Cowes, and many square miles of shooting in Transylvania.
Strange as it may seem, he always appeared to me not only practical, but immensely matter-of-fact.
She was immensely tempted to give way to her natural trust in him, revived by the deep and now melancholy tones of his voice, and to tell him of her love, and of what had changed it.