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Layton Technologies ultrasonic immersible units are powered by our ultrasonic generators.
Since there are no moving parts, the sensor is unaffected by shock or vibration and since it is a sealed corrosion-resistant package, it is immersible so it can be integrated into the pipeline.
Because it is waterproof and fully immersible, it can be used in the bath or on the go, as it is rechargeable and cordless.
In common with its area scan stablemale, it uses a very rugged stainless steel enclosure that is in fact completely immersible.
simplification and standardization of hydro sets (particularly immersible units with induction generators), implementation of modern control systems as well as continuous rise in organic fuel prices make small-scale hydropower in every respect more competitive.
Totally immersible fiber-optic scopes are frequently sterilized in the Steris System that uses peracetic acid, which is a combination of acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and water.
Plummet is a sealed, immersible chamber of known volume and density.
Another approach might be to get one of those little immersible fountain pumps to run a stream of water from the tub into the air for a dripping/squirting effect.
It also comes with eight fondue forks and is completely immersible and dishwasher safe.
They are available in a variety of models, including the SY/BY series with standard rotor/stator design, the SO/BO series with auger feed, the SP series with bridge breaker, plus quick clean SH/BH and immersible BT models.
Based on a seal-less immersible pump design, the Webster S Series of pumps is constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic and features a fully enclosed impeller.
The onset of the convective plume was observed to start at about 50 [micro]W with an immersible thermistor (9).