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Looking at the demographic data in Professor Clark's work, and based on what we know about similarities between Wales and Scotland there is little to suggest that imminence of death in hospitals in Wales will be significantly different.
Clapper examined the imminence portion of the injury-in-fact requirement in the context of a constitutional challenge to 50 U.
Additionally, in relation to this last study, the recent research utilizes different methodological procedures and is fundamentally based on other theories of financial literature, in addition to a new proxy for indication for imminence of reclassifications of credit rating and the use of dependent variables that consider the variations of debts in the short and long term.
Next, Part III argues that returning to a narrower definition of imminence and correctly applying the self-defense formula will mitigate the three problems identified in this article.
Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the ACLU, called the white paper "a chilling document" that "redefines the word imminence in a way that deprives the word of its ordinary meaning".
Expanded notions of imminence, flexibly and broadly defined, married with increasing reliance on sleek new technology, lie at the heart of re-conceptions of proportionality capacious enough to encompass nearly all targeting decisions.
These reports indicate that Israeli officials unwarrantedly and under erroneous and false presumptions on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, threaten the use of force against the Islamic Republic of Iran by signaling the imminence of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities," he said.
Balochistan Planning and Development department sources told here Monday that the survey could not be conducted for the last 15 years due to poor law and order situation in the area despite its imminence to explore new gas deposits in view of depleting gas resources in Sui gas field.
The major powers endeavoured, on 19 June in Moscow, to convince Iran to make concessions on its nuclear programme, on the second day of tough talks meant to ease the crisis situation resulting from the imminence of an oil embargo targeting Tehran.
Hussain Haqqani stated in rejoinder that the contents of the said affidavit of DG ISI that a senior Pakistani official had been attempting to pass on a message to senior US leaders indicating imminence of a military takeover in Pakistan were not known to him.
Property analysts are split as to the imminence of any form of recovery, with some believing that further price falls are inevitable and others more
Officials from the two parties made several statements these last days about the imminence of a peace agreement between them while talks with the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) are deadlocked over different issues and their delegations ceased meetings.