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During the investigation, it was revealed that Reddy has acquired nine immovable properties out of the proceeds of crime.
Before purchasing an immovable property, the potential purchaser must carry out due diligence in order to ascertain its status, any obligations or encumbrances burdening it, any tax liabilities owed by the vendor with regard to the property in issue and proceed with caution to avoid any future complications.
It was said in both notifications that both individuals would not able to sale their movable and immovable assets.
The Information Office in the Presidency of the Republic said today that "Masum ratified the draft law of the seizure and confiscation of property and funds and immovable property of elements of the former regime, "which was voted by the House of Representatives earlier on the provisions of Article (III) of Article (73) of the Constitution.
Then, in the Finance Act 2012-13, an important amendment was made to section 37 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 to tax capital gain earned on the sale of immovable property.
The FAQs were issued considering the fact that investment in an immovable property may be funded partially from undisclosed and disclosed sources.
This Prescription (Special Provision) Act 5 of 2016 is a very timely and appropriate relief to generally all these who were offered by Military terrorist group and in particular by those conflict affected families in the Northern and Eastern Provinces to reclaim the titles for their valuable immovable properties and land under prescriptive actions and help to resettle in their originally owned land after the three-decade old war.
He said the government approved a reduction of the immovable property tax by 50% to 0.
Lawyers representing the foundation complained that the previous decisions by the courts had deprived them of property that they had acquired through donations, as a Turkish court had ruled that the 1936 Law on Foundations did not give them the right to acquire immovable property.
The Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation (FNRC) has ordered the suspension of all activities and moving of movable and immovable machinery of the company for breaching the environmental conditions and rules.
The provisions addressing services connected with immovable property located in the EU will take effect on 1 January 2017.
Bulgarian MPs passed at first reading on Tuesday new legislation on motor tax and immovable property taxes.