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No," said Hardyman, in his immovably obstinate way.
John Want remained immovably attached to the fire-place, holding something else over the fire.
MacGlue, who looked at all mortal matters from the same immovably practical point of view, might really have its use, in my case, as a species of moral remedy.
You haven't scalded the dishcloth in clean hot water as I told you to do," said Marilla immovably.
In front of it the son of Iapetus (22) stands immovably upholding the wide heaven upon his head and unwearying hands, where Night and Day draw near and greet one another as they pass the great threshold of bronze: and while the one is about to go down into the house, the other comes out at the door.
She stopped, looking in astonishment at the tall black figure of the nurse, standing immovably by the window.
What woke him up and, at the same time, fixed his feet immovably to the spot, was a voice asking him what he was doing there in tones of thunder.
I beg your pardon," said the priest immovably, "that is where the story ends.
Nature looks provokingly stable and secular, but it has a cause like all the rest; and when once I comprehend that, will these fields stretch so immovably wide, these leaves hang so individually considerable?
Her heart turned cold when she saw Kitty sitting on a low chair near the door, her eyes fixed immovably on a corner of the rug.
It was immovably set and hungry, dominated like the whole man by the singleness of one instinct.
Sleary, who with his mouth open and his rolling eye as immovably jammed in his head as his fixed one, had listened to these doctrines with profound attention, here stepped forward.