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d) after section 16, the following section 16-A shall be inserted: "The authority responsible for registering an instrument of sale, gift or exchange of immoveable property shall not register the instrument unless it is satisfied that the outstanding tax has been paid.
Ideally financial institutions prefer to lend when it is backed by an asset be it immoveable or moveable.
are not permitted to secure loans on immoveable property.
Amendment In Capital Value Tax Law (Section 7 of Finance Act, 1989): Consequent upon amendment in the Federal Legislative List of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, through 18th Amendment that the federal government is no more empowered to levy/collect Capital Value Tax on immoveable properties located in provinces.
Paul Cook (5-54) and Stuart Walker (4-42) then turned the screw in their respective 15-over stints before John Pendlington, who had earlier taken 3-37, and Dave Wilkinson proved immoveable in a defiant lastwicket stand that frustrated the hosts.
No agreement can be reached even if there is a principle view that Immoveable Property Commission will be established in the new state and property problem would be resolved through barter, compensation and restitution.
For this reason, immanent motion more closely conforms to the motion of the immoveable God.
The organiser, Graham Eden, MD at Cognitor said: "It has become an immoveable feast for us because clients are keen to support year after year, many already having put their names down for 2009.
Leading specialists from the CAMFA and AgLinks Projects will present materials on such topics as agricultural value chains (scheme, dynamics of the value chain and financial flows), Outgrower Schemes, Trade Credit, Rural Deposit Mobilization, Ag Dependent Household Loans, Credit Enhancements, Credit Guarantees, Moveable and Immoveable Collateral, etc.
Meanwhile, quite a clash is promised at Brunton Park on Saturday: Irresistible force v Immoveable Object.
AN irresistible force will meet the immoveable object when Glentoran and Cliftonville clash in the semi-finals of the County Antrim Shield at Windsor Park (7.
Held on to that as if my life depended on it though due to some law of physics to do with speed, motion and immoveable objects, the entire hot super-greasy contents of the pan flew into the air and travelled into every corner, crevice and (as I eventually discovered) invisible millimetre of the room.