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This allows other anticancer mechanisms such as immune surveillance to clear the remainder of the battlefield.
The primary means for cancer immune surveillance is through the activities of the HLA class I molecules, and its cognate interactions with T-cell receptors expressed on the surface of scanning T-lymphocytes.
Since the viruses are hiding inside "self" cells, they could be impossible for immune surveillance cells to detect.
Perhaps this patient's deep, necrotic wound allowed large amounts of toxin to access alpha motor neurons directly at the site of the injury thereby bypassing immune surveillance.
We are pleased that presentation of the newly released results of this study contributed to an exciting and informative session today covering novel approaches to immune surveillance in heart transplantation," said Stuart Sweet, ISHLT's 2012 Scientific Program Chair.
The company's oral small molecule drug candidates inhibit the CXCR4 receptor, a pathway which plays a central role in immune surveillance.
We will also investigate the mechanism of immune surveillance of EBV-infected B cells and EBV-driven B cell lymphomas.
55) Increased prevalence of CMV in the elderly is thought to lead to decreased immune surveillance.
This immune surveillance accounts for what researchers at the institute call the 'surprising rarity' of B-cell lymphomas in the population, given how often these spontaneous changes occur.
Once these toxins contaminate an area of the body, and immune surveillance and function are reduced, this compartment becomes the ideal breeding ground for pathogenic microbes, and numerous infections move in.
We conduct a complex test panel, where we examine the spontaneous migratory behavior of the PMN cells, which reflects one aspect of immune surveillance.
Specific topics include parallel Monte Carlo simulation of HIV molecular evolution in response to immune surveillance, differential evolutionary algorithms for in vivo dynamic analysis of glycolysis and pentose phosphate pathway in E.