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The gene immunoadjuvant program complements our existing technology and will further enhance our dominant position in the field of optimized DNA vaccines.
They cited from their paper, titled, ``Laser-tissue Photobiological Interaction: A New Mechanism for Laser-Sensitizer- Immunoadjuvant Treatment of Metastatic Cancers'' (W.
The LSAI technology involves injecting a tumor with an infrared absorbing dye and an immunoadjuvant, followed by treatment with an infrared laser.
Bohannon JK, Hernandez A, Enkhbaatar P, Adams WL, Sherwood ER (2013) The immunobiology of toll-like receptor 4 agonists: from endotoxin tolerance to immunoadjuvants.
After reviewing current procedures for synthesizing novel poly(organo)phosphazenes with specific properties, this slim volume examines the rate of hydrolytic degradation determined by the choice of organic substituent, and describes the use of polyphosphazenes as immunoadjuvants, scaffolds for tissue engineering, polymer therapeutics for targeted drug delivery, and injectable hydrogels for controlled drug release devices.
2010 Chitins and Chitosans as Immunoadjuvants and Non-allergic Drug Carriers.