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Complement fixation, 37 (84) immunodiffusion, or tube precipitin Complement fixation only 10 (23) Immunodiffusion only 10 (23) Tube precipitin only 2 (5) Immunohistochemistry or culture 3 (7) only IgG/IgM enzyme immunoassay only 4 (9) * Of the 44 patients, 43 were interviewed and 41 completed the interview.
Relative sensitivity and specificity of agar gel immunodiffusion, enzyme immunosorbent assay, and immunoblotting for detection of anti-bovine leukemia virus antibodies in cattle.
Because hyphal forms are rarely encountered in tissue, a correlation between complement fixation titers and immunodiffusion result patterns has not been established in the literature.
To determine serum concentrations of IgG, IgA, and IgM, the authors used the radial immunodiffusion test with NOR-Partigen Immunodiffusion plates.
Immunoassay of human platelet factor 4(PF4, anti-heparin factor) by radial immunodiffusion.
Differentiation of Prionotus carolinus and Prionotus evolans eggs in Hereford Inlet estuary, southern New Jersey, using immunodiffusion.
Serum IgG4 concentrations were measured in 20 patients with sclerosing pancreatitis and 20 matched controls by radial immunodiffusion (RI) or enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
INOVA Diagnostics is a world-wide leader in manufacturing autoimmune diagnostic kits, and already markets successful lines to help diagnose all forms of autoimmune diseases using ELISA, immunofluorescent and Ouchterlony immunodiffusion techniques.
This antibody, which was prepared against purified rat lung galectin-1 in goats, shows specificity for galectin-1 in tissue homogenates from rat lung, bladder and heart, and from bovine and human lungs by double immunodiffusion.
Following the return of each animal to preoperative weight (7 to 10 days), subjects from each group were removed from the home cage and IgG concentrations were determined through the use of radial immunodiffusion as outlined by Mancini, Carbonara, and Heremans (1965).
It is unclear in the discussion of 'the gel method' (Eisele 1994: 5) exactly which of several methods for detecting Ag/Ab reactions in gel is meant - whether single immunodiffusion or Oudin, double-diffusion or Ouchterlony, rocket electrophoresis, crossed-electrophoresis, immuno-electrophoresis or tandem crossed immuno-electrophoresis (Johnstone & Thorpe 1982).