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The authors suggest that these effects were due to the antipyretic, immunostimulant and anti-inflammatory activities of the herb.
Therefore ADJSYN should deliver mechanistic insights on how to engage innate immune pathways to promote effective adaptive immune responses; and the methodology should be transferable for the analysis of adjuvants formulated with other immunostimulants.
Understand which indications are likely to generate franchise growth and examine major classes of cancer treatments including antineoplastics, immunostimulants and cytotoxic hormone therapies.
Cationic lipids are formulated with non-coding DNA (plasmid) to create the JuvImmune Immunostimulant, a lipid-DNA complex, which as a single product will have utility in multiple infectious disease and cancer applications.
This is the first human trial of the Iomai immunostimulant patch for use with a pandemic-like influenza vaccine, and the results of this study will give us crucial information about the ability of the patch to extend the vaccine supply in the event of a pandemic," said Stanley C.
Recent studies with Ampligen(R) have also highlighted the drug's potential as an antiviral against avian influenza and as a novel immunostimulant that, when co-administered with vaccines, greatly increases their ability to sustain efficacy across mutating strains in various animal experimental models.
The increase in loss of $2,940,000 is primarily due to 1) a $2,066,000 increase in general and administrative expense primarily due to non-cash stock compensation expense of $1,953,000 pursuant to adopting FASB Statement 123 (Revised 2004), Accounting for Stock Based Compensation, 2) an increase of $1,162,000 in costs associated with studies for the Company's experimental immunostimulant, Ampligen(R), in avian and seasonal influenza viruses and increased costs related to the preparation of the Ampligen(R) New Drug Application (NDA) for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), including costs incurred with the Company's new contract manufacturer for NDA required manufacturing stability studies and 3) a reduction of $764,000 in non-cash financing costs.
VPL's twenty years of industry experience and strong distribution network provides Carrington with national access to veterinarians whose patients can benefit from Acemannan Immunostimulant.
The studies, conducted in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and the United States, utilize Alferon LDO as a stand-alone antiviral and Ampligen co-administered as an immunostimulant with vaccines and antivirals.
The dendritic cells are also loaded with PADRE(R), a universal HTL epitope also included in the vaccine as an immunostimulant.
AMEX: HEB) today announced that it has retained a team of scientists and executives with unique experience in immunology, pharma manufacturing, and regulatory compliance to help the Company prepare for the filing of a new drug application (NDA) for the experimental immunostimulant Ampligen(R), developed for the potential treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).