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Imagine being immured in that anguish through all the seconds that make up those months and years.
Just as hostages don't move around outside so that spy cameras can observe them, so too in gender-segregated Pushtun society, women are often immured at home and so the CIA or US military who are running the drones do not know if they are in the sights.
EVEN when you have been immured in the world of newspapers for as long as I have there are still some stories that make you sit bolt upright.
Alleged enemy combatants, some of them innocent of any wrongdoing, are immured in foreign prisons; deprived of sleep, food, and water; threatened with murder and rapine by their captors; left naked to freeze outdoors; tormented by being forced to stand for hours on injured limbs; subjected to simulated drowning that in some instances left them unresponsive; and denied any semblance of due process or protection under the Geneva Convention: This is called enhanced interrogation.
The signed articles of association sealed in a "time capsule" were immured together with the foundation stone.
So we can conclude that grace and disgrace are dimensions of one and the same reality; they are not isolated dimensions immured within confines of the church.
Consider his double portrait of royal mother and son: Queen Victoria immured in plethoric flesh, the future King Edward cowed and disgraced.
In the author's own words, Veiled Desires: Intimate Portrayals of Nuns in Postwar Anglo-American Film aims "to change the way nuns are seen onscreen by probing the stereotypes in which they have been immured and by considering how these women religious figures came to capture the popular imagination.
The impartial spectator from a distance; immured from vested interests, parochial values and social conditioning would have broadened the localize events and might ask us: how would we feel if the verdict of our apex court triggered such outcry in another country?
I want to call upon you but I stand here immured by this semi-darkness
Nor could they have imagined that film's kitsch-mystical coda, in which Sean Penn's "architect" escapes the glass canyon of skyscrapers in which he is symbolically immured for a votive trip to the afterlife, where he wanders a vale of redemption (actually Goblin Valley, Utah) before encountering his reconstituted family on a beach that swarms with angels, revenants, and his ethereal mother, who tries to capture the sun in her hands the way she had earlier caught a butterfly.