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Blockchains are immutable to users of the system but, when necessary, designated administrators acting on agreed rules of governance can edit, rewrite or remove blocks of information without breaking the chain.
different understanding of immutable characteristics.
Bates Motel' Season 2 Episode 10 'The Immutable Truth' Spoilers: What to Expect in Finale Reveals Freddie Highmore (Norman) and Show's EP
So if Jews are immutable, there can be only two possible solutions: Eliminating them, as the anti-Semites want, or having them live in a national homeland that would be exclusive to them, as fanatical Zionists want.
except the old immutable forms like a shovel shared at the grave for
We're told that it is not a lifestyle choice, but an inborn, inherent, immutable, born-that-way-characteristic that should be embraced with pride, and its virtues should be taught to public and Catholic elementary school children.
Kobeissi concluded that Hezbollah resistance remains to be an absolute immutable right for all Lebanese.
Related material on the six immutable laws is regularly expanded and updated on a companion website.
Philip Sugai, Marco Koeder and Ludovico Ciferri have today officially announced the launch of their groundbreaking book, The Six Immutable Laws of Mobile Business, published by Wiley-Interscience.
based on immutable characteristics," but not for being gay, which he regards is a personal choice.
0 features e-mail, instant messaging and a full-text searchable database of all e-mails and instant messages stored in an immutable form.
It just happens to be one of the immutable laws of the universe.