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Plato expresses this misgiving about mimesis most notably in Book X of the Republic where Socrates advocates the censoring of art in the ideal state on the grounds that, as a physical imitation of a physical imitation, it lures the mind away from the contemplation of the immutably true and beautiful.
Swarm supports the ability to store data so that it can't be deleted (WORM); the ability to prove in a court of law content hasn't been tampered with (Integrity Seals); and the ability to take a snapshot of data and store it immutably (Legal Hold).
People think that categories exist immutably in real world; that alternatives are two, either/or; that identities are firm and fixed, and that predicate is a quality of the subject.
When an event or experience is perceived as traumatic, inescapable or very stressful, it becomes immutably encoded, often with life-altering consequences.
It has taken some time for Western powers to realize that not only their methods of war fighting and stabilization, but also their campaign design and doctrines, cannot be treated as immutably superior, and they have been forced to change constantly as operations unfolded.
In fact the above-mentioned literary motif of sex change within the same life shows that one's sex was not seen as something immutably fixed, but rather as something fluid, depending on conditions and circumstances.
Michaelis applied this hypothesis to the sacred language of Hebrew to claim it had not "been immutably maintained throughout history" (p.
Much of the article focuses on the West's reaction to the threat of Islamism and he points out that if, as some claim, the threat is Islam, and that Islamism and Islam are interchangeable, then it would mean that a monolithic Islam and the West are indeed at war, and that the Islamic world and the Western world are immutably hostile entities.
P]erception is not something that is immutably hardwired into the brain.
In the US Army, the Army Ethic is foremost in the foundation of leadership, and that ethic is immutably locked into the laws of our nation.
14) In that case (in which a special use permit was denied by a Texas city to the members of a group home because of the mental disability status of their domicile), the Court asserted that persons with mental disabilities do not constitute a suspect status or, even, a semi-suspect status, largely because this category includes people who are immutably different from other people in terms of demonstrable characteristics and capacities.