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Boffard said the 19-second-duration Lodox scan revealed what a 'miraculous' escape De Wet had, it being 'the longest impalement I've ever dealt with, never mind the survival'.
Of those, about 900 roll through the emergency center doors with some type of penetrating wounds -- bullet holes, stab wounds, impalements -- making the hospital a veritable trauma buffet for emergency room medics seeking to sharpen skills.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Very violent for a PG-13, "The Wolverine'' shows or strongly implies many impalements on swords, daggers and the claws that deploy from Wolverine's knuckles.
I shall never comply with a Job Seeker's Allowance against the impalements left by a Tory Government of Opportunity For All and I can relate also that if New Labour can do no better than penalise such electors who have given their life resources to the very elements of local needs, then I fear they had better be more conscious of what we witness at present, or their days are surely numbered.
Because of the generally poor soil in Witzwil impalements are required (by others).