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The act of the clerk of the court in making up a list of the jurors who have been selected for the trial of a particular cause. All the steps of ascertaining who shall be the proper jurors to sit in the trial of a particular case up to the final formation.


v. to select and install a jury. (See: impaneling, jury)


verb catalog, enter, enumerate, itemize, list, record, register, schedule
Associated concepts: impanel a jury

TO IMPANEL, practice. The writing the names of a jury on a schedule, by the sheriff or other officer lawfully authorized.

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case at law might require the Court both to hear it and to impanel a
Court's discretion whether or not to impanel a jury.
case, magistrates exceed their authority if they impanel a jury.
it required to impanel a jury in the future, would be to compose an
to imitate its forebears and impanel a jury of experts, a "special
At the initial hearing, Kamins also said that, if the media continue to thwart his efforts to prevent release of the police report, he may have to impanel a jury from another county to try the four policemen.
VENTURA - Ventura County will no longer have its standing grand jury hear criminal cases, and instead will impanel a separate group from the ranks of the county juror pool, officials said Tuesday.
It might be better to impanel them as you need them.
Kiriyama, Boudreaux and Horton all were defeated in their bids for another term by candidates whose campaigns were financed heavily by Mayor Richard Riordan in an effort to impanel a reform-minded board.
Nappan said he was concerned that publicizing evidence before a trial could make it difficult to impanel a jury in Franklin County.
father of the murder victim, said of Judge Neel's decision, "Why do you even impanel a jury?
During its meeting Monday night, the council is expected to take steps to impanel a 17-member Task Force on Homelessness.