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Apart from her executive housekeeper role, she is also a master trainer for Kempinski Hotels, which involves her travelling around the world to impart knowledge on best practices and Kempinski standards.
The UGC is also implementing the scheme Career Oriented Courses to impart knowledge, skills and aptitude for gainful employment in wage sector in general and self employment in particular to candidates taking these courses so as to reduce the pressure on institutions of higher learning for Master Degree.
Danish Pirzada, Chairman Karachi University Business School (KUBS), announced that his institute is launching different diploma and degree programs in Islamic Banking next year to impart knowledge about Islamic Banking and Finance to the youth.
Under the MoU, the SECP will be holding regular seminars at Air University on a continuing basis to impart knowledge to existing and incoming students about the basics of savings, financial planning, investing and capital markets.
IHTA's mission is to impart knowledge and skills to licensed professional skincare therapists who want to seriously advance in the Aesthetics industry.
The key objectives of the workshop is to impart knowledge, specifically about the significance of Customer Care and to make sure that performance of the Postal Life Insurance is improved as a result of excellent Customer Care.
The programme, entitled Market Magnitude, is crafted to suit the requirements of channel partners as well as impart knowledge and skill-sets to offer right solution rather than just selling a product.
Earlier this month I played teacher for the day as I joined a course of teachers from across the country at Manchester University, where they were taking part in a four-day residential course designed to impart knowledge about the industry that they can take back and share in the classroom.
The monthly support group allows people aged over 50 with hearing loss to meet in a safe and friendly environment, share experiences, impart knowledge, and help each other live with hearing loss.
According to the Express Tribune, Hafeez said that it felt good to impart knowledge to the young cricketers, which he has not been able to do over the past few years as he had earlier been busy with national duties, adding that his project will help players know how professional cricketers should go about their business.
Pink Hope aims to impart knowledge to those with hereditary and ovarian cancer.
Citing today's higher expectations of teachers' ability to impart knowledge, manage children, know their students' interests, backgrounds--both academic and personal, and styles of learning, the authors cover in seven chapters motivation and management, models and theories of classroom management, the foundation for best practice, safety in the learning environment, response to motivation and behavior problems, and end with case studies dealing with inattention, disruptive talking, attention-seeking, chronic avoidance of work, dishonesty, defiance, aggression, and bullying.