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Sweet pepper it's known for its pungency, impartation of flavours to foods and richness in vitamins.
With wild fisheries already limited, it's unlikely that the domestic fish supply can be increased from wild fisheries, and aquaculture represents a better alternative than increased impartation to maintain per-capita consumption for a growing population.
The specific resources included at the end of the book serve as additional models for developing a local plan or strategy: A plan for creating and using the Treasure Map, a model plan for healing and conducting a Divine encounter, and Study Guide Resources for questions, prayers of impartation, and Treasure Hunt Activities.
Nevertheless the knowledge has to be made valuable through impartation to the necessary organizational units and individuals.
For Stewart, this impartation of mortal closure is inextricable from narrative closure.
The avowed object of Government was to be the introduction of English literature and the impartation of modern Western knowledge.
The view according to which an emphasis on training and technical skills stands in contradiction to the development of the artist's independent thinking has led to a situation in which art schools have stopped stressing the impartation of techniques over the past few decades.
Islamabad, July 25 -- Human resource development and impartation of a skill-set to blue-collar workers plays an important role in significant economic growth.
A series of Dionysian terms offer the direction in which we should understand the social activity of the hierarchy, like imitation, impartation, participation, measure, unification.
Since "a structure is formalized to the extent that the rules governing behavior are precisely and explicitly formulated," (145) the activity of the Spirit may be seen as an impartation of the divine freedom to govern the created order (see 2 Cor 3:17).
But I still believe that it has been the impartation of information from specialty retailers that has been at the forefront of the surge in cheese awareness and education.