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It was a favourable change, and the Tankadere again bounded forward on this mountainous sea, though the waves crossed each other, and imparted shocks and counter-shocks which would have crushed a craft less solidly built.
A thick canopy of trees hung over the very verge of the fall, leaving an arched aperture for the passage of the waters, which imparted a strange picturesqueness to the scene.
Chief Executive Officer PSDF, Jawad Khan while addressing a ceremony held here on Friday at FCCI, said that under the programme 5,000 youth would be imparted vocational training in different industrial based trades.
In three day-course, the police officials were imparted training about methods of arresting and taking legal action against proclaimed offenders.
Addressing the passing out parade of SSU's second batch consisting of 230 personnel here at Police Lines Qila Gujar Singh, he said the modern training as per international standard was imparted to SSU personnel in one month.
In the year 2005-16 TEVTA imparted demand driven skill training to more than 173246 youth, Punjab Vocational Training Council gave skill training to 134762 whereas Punjab Skill Development Fund imparted skill training to 56187 persons to meet this target.
The classes are aimed to substantially enhance skills and knowledge of students and polish them to take them at a level where they can build robot using the knowledge imparted to them.
The water repellency imparted has shown to be durable after 30 home laundry wash times, which is equal to, or better than, that imparted by standard fluorocarbon water repellent finishing systems in the market.
The latest trend is to integrate values into the teaching of all subjects; values should be imparted in every class and in every co- curricular activity of the school.
Figure 17 compares the magnitude of shear thinning that each polymer imparted to the compound.
Moreover, even if the women's excess rate of contracting cancer has a valid biological basis, she says, the gender difference pales in comparison to the danger imparted by smoking itself, which boosts anybody's risk of lung cancer by 10- to 20-fold over that of a nonsmoker.
Then the F-4 folks imparted their knowledge to F-14 crews.