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Usman, Rehan and Saqlain expressed their resolve and determination to blend the Pakistan U19 into a balanced combination by imparting training in coming months by utilizing their experience and standing in the game.
The officials from the Ministry were presenting various ways of imparting values through a well prepared power point.
With an aim of making these prisoners self reliant and bring them back to the mainstream, the jail authorities are not only imparting computer education, but are also imparting the basic arithmetic lessons.
Imparting real-life experiences to the hands-on components of these courses is the focus of this paper and is presented in the next section.
Moreover, he notes, imparting an electric current reduced wear on the drill bit by about 20 percent.
Appreciating the performance of SP Headquarters Atif Nazir for imparting latest training, Amin Wains said that the training modules of Lahore police can easily be compared with any other training modules of foreign countries.
BITE has been imparting standard technical education to youth of Balochistan and it is need of the hour to establish more technical education institutions in other parts of the province on its pattern," he said.
Imparting education in Pashto instead of English will help revival of their traditions and norms, they maintained.
Summary: Madrasas popularly known for imparting Islamic education are attracting an increasing number of Hindu students in West Bengal after the Islamic schools shifted to teaching modern subjects including science and technology.
Both the North and South showed similar preferences for communication methods when imparting good news, with around 90pc of people agreeing that they preferred to share issues such as pay rises and promotions face to face.
Saticov, CA) has patented a chimeric recombinant DNA molecule comprising: a plurality of DNA sequences, each of which comprises a plant-functional promoter linked to a coding region, which encodes a virus-associated coat protein, wherein said DNA sequences are preferably linked in tandem so that they are expressed in virus-susceptible plant cells transformed with said recombinant DNA molecule to impart resistance to said viruses; as well as methods for transforming plants with the chimeric recombinant DNA molecule and for selecting plants which express at least one of said DNA sequences imparting viral resistance.
While noting machinability is difficult to measure, Peters said Se-Bi replacement alloys are about 85% as machinable as leaded brass, while imparting a slightly better surface finish.