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If employers make themselves similarly intractable, an impasse cannot be far behind.
To overcome the current impasse and to bring the Round to a successful conclusion, the leaders also reiterated the need to re-affirm the integrity of the mandate that launched it.
Padilla said he and Jalandoni expressed appreciation for Norway's help in sending Lundh to Manila to help break the impasse.
It is my earnest appeal to end the impasse and allow the Houses to function and discuss the issues in Parliament," she said outside the House.
3 billion The Golden 1 members must have an established checking account with direct deposit of their state payroll checks prior to the impasse.
When faced with the prospect of deeper layoffs of Local 495 members and steep service cuts, or preserve their jobs and those services, I had to make the decision to declare an impasse and implement the changes after we exhausted all means to negotiate in good faith.
We have reached an impasse in our ties with Saudi Arabia during the past years," Zebari said, calling the cooperation "confusing".
Summary: The impasse in the peace process is sending the Middle East back "into the darkness," Jordan's King Abdullah II said
Pat McOsker, president of the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City, said the city negotiators have sent a letter that they want to declare an impasse, setting in operation a series of legal procedures that would end direct negotiations between the city and the union.
By baptism we are taken into the realized eschatology of Christ's pleroma, and by confirmation and other missioning sacraments, including matrimony, we become "ambassadors for Christ" and engage in his ministry of reconciliation, calling persons beyond impasses into fuller life.
Department of Administrative Services spokesman Lonn Hoklin said his agency will notify the state Employment Relations Board early next week of the impasse.
He said the postponement would allow him to "continue with my informal consultations" on finding a solution to the impasse.