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Due to the impasses between the teachers and the government, we students are going to damage our career.
Leo IX's 1049 decision to enforce a celibate clergy in order to break the impasse created by the feudal system is a good example.
An impasse also was called in negotiations between the district and the union representing the district's nonteaching employees.
In every situation, in every type of situation, we hit the impasse.
At such moments, it is as if the author is writing "about" impasse rather than from or "out of" it.
This impetus to say shows up most clearly in the last third of the book, which shifts away from the comedy of impasse and toward a non-ironic response, not a "step forward" so much as an attempt to locate firm ground onto which characters might take such a step.
Therefore our information on impasses, industrial action and pay is not contemporaneous with the introduction of FOA.
FOA is specifically designed to promote in-house resolution of disputes, and therefore to prevent impasses (or failures to agree), in direct contrast to conventional arbitration and mediation/conciliation which in theory are more likely to encourage disputes.
We are at impasse right now, which means that there's a state mediator that comes in and tries to facilitate a settlement,'' said Gene Smith, president of the Antelope Valley Teachers Association.
An impasse also has been called in contract talks between the district and the union representing nonteaching employees, Azevedo said.
MOJAVE - Mojave Unified School District has become the fifth Antelope Valley school district in which an impasse has been declared in contract talks with teachers.
Impasse usually results because school officials have concluded that teachers' salaries and health and welfare benefits are not high priority items, that essentially teachers are expendable.