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By entering an impasse and holding it open, by guarding "against every new closure, every new reconstitution" (Deleuze and Guattari, 1986: 14), we blast open the potentiality of the now and create the conditions for a different way of being in the world, a becoming-minor that resists the dream of becoming major.
Kaplan cited cabler Mediacom, which petitioned for a rulemaking and immediately thereafter was involved in just such an impasse.
So what we are demanding right now is allow us to meet the Chief Minister, so that we can inform him that if such impasses will continue we will burn down the schools, as there is no point of keeping the schools, and we will intensify our agitation in various forms from tomorrow," he said.
Ce dossier rendrait compte de ce travail d'elaboration, et servirait de temoin de la creativite des therapeutes lorsqu'ils sont confrontes a des impasses cliniques >>.
Only out of love for those who before were considered enemies can one hope to get beyond impasses.
In contemporary fiction we don't see many authors following Beckett's lead in becoming "comedians of the impasse," although I believe that has more to do with the narrative vogues of our literature than with the exhaustion of possibilities for this particular type of literary project.
It is a narcissistic involution of the old idea of "melancholy" or "loss" in art or art criticism, which so often goes hand in hand with po-mo theories, leading to a kind of impasse.
His main prediction was that under a compulsory arbitration arrangement fewer impasses would result if the procedure did not allow the arbitrator to produce a compromise award, i.
4110-4118) to assist in resolving impasses arising in the course of collective bargaining under the Act over conditions of employment affecting Foreign Service personnel working for the Broadcasting Board of Governors, USAID, and the Departments of State, Agriculture, and Commerce.