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Perhaps the most widespread of these impassible techniques and the most antithetical to historical writing, however, is the use of tropes of causal explanation in the free indirect style.
Cooperative crews will continue to work diligently to get the lights back on, but impassible roadways and flooding have hampered restoration efforts in the most severely damaged areas.
Residents should be aware that area roadways may become impassible due to mud, rock and debris slides or due to streams and washes overwhelming existing culverts and bridges.
Remote parts of Northumberland National Park have seen three feet of snow which has cut off residents and farm animals, and made roads impassible.
Due to the rough terrain and lack of resources, the Blue Mountains in Australia were seen as an impassible barrier for future exploration from the time of Captain Cook's landing in 1770 through to 1813.
ISLAMABAD, August 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): Any government institution or NGO has not succeeded in seeking access to marooned people ranging between 800000 to 1000000 in the remote areas of Balochistan and impassible mountainous ranges of Baltistan and Gilgit so far despite lapse of over 3 weeks while life threat is looming large over them.
Dozens of minor roads in and around Dumfries, Lockerbie and Annan were impassible.
Roads were flooded across Dumfries and Galloway and many minor ones were impassible.
This trail is going to remain probably impassible in to Linton Meadows for the better part of this summer," he said.
When hiring a car, be aware that distances are immense and roads vary in quality; during the rainy season, some roads can be impassible.
Volunteers at the RNLI's lifeboat station at Burry Port launched to the assistance of the pair, both from North Gower, who had becoming cut off on the small island of Burry Holmes after the causeway linking it with the mainland quickly became impassible at about 4.
The seasonal snap forced hundreds of schools to close on Thursday while the unexpected blizzards on Friday led to wide-scale panic across South Wales as workers clogged up roads from lunchtime as they tried to get home before their way became impassible.