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She was rosy like some impassive statue in a desert in the flush of the dawn.
Never had she felt so far from him, so certain that he did not love her, as when she had lain quivering but impassive in his arms.
He leaned back, put his finger-tips together, and assumed his most impassive and judicial expression.
His face was as impassive as ever, but his lids had drooped more heavily over his eyes, and his smoke had curled up more thickly from his pipe to emphasize each curious episode in the doctor's tale.
When each individual got his portion of medicine, his eyes were radiant with joy-- notwithstanding by nature they are a thankless and impassive race--and upon his face was written the unquestioning faith that nothing on earth could prevent the patient from getting well now.
I watched his face for some change of expression, but it remained impassive.
Quasimodo, impassive, with both elbows propped on the balustrade, looked on.
She did not speak very much, but as she grew older she seemed to be acquiring a quiet sense of humour, and sometimes uttered a remark which suggested that beneath her impassive exterior she was quietly bubbling with amusement at her fellow-creatures.
The stoical soldier, the impassive man-at- arms, overcome by fear and sad presentiments, had yielded, for a few moments, to human weakness.
He was evidently distressed, and breathed painfully, but could not restrain the wild laughter that convulsed his usually impassive features.
His hard, impassive look had never altered, he had been seen everywhere in his accustomed City haunts, his hat a little better brushed than usual, his clothes a little more carefully put on, his buttonhole more obvious and his laugh readier.
She stood quite still; her impassive features seemed like a plaster cast, from which all life and feeling were drawn out.