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SEVERAL years ago, the comedy show Big Train featured the 'World Stare-Out Championships', with cartoon drawings of two men sitting across a table and staring impassively at one another.
Wearing a dark grey suit, pale blue shirt and dark blue tie, he sat impassively in the dock of court room one to watch as a panel of 32 potential jurors was whittled down.
No wonder that the bride was spotted in floods of tears during the ceremony, while her 53-year-old husband looked on impassively.
The 52-year-old self-professed devout Christian stared impassively forward as judge Corine Philpott passed the sentence, which will run concurrent with his life murder tariff.
Lord Taylor stood impassively in the dock as the guilty verdict on all six counts was delivered.
Sullivan looked on impassively but at least he was able to witness proceedings at first hand after former Blues chairman David Gold had been banned after comments about the midlands club.
While his fellow dragons are spitting fire at some poor wannabe entrepreneur, he has the ability to sit impassively, waiting his turn.
He sat impassively as the clerk of court read out the two charges he faces.
Rory McDonald stood nodding his head as the jury foreman read out the guilty verdicts, while Ashley Tresize and Gareth Barnard stared impassively at jurors.
Like any mystery woman, Flo watches impassively as scientific suitors slug it out for the right to give her a lasting name.
Lehman's players appeared weighed down by the tension, impassively wearing their 'gameplan' faces, ludicrously punching knuckles when playing bad, as well as good, shots.
City Affair could easily have gone down like a sack of spuds in an attempt to get the rider in even more serious trouble but he just stood there impassively.