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That even a player who personifies impassiveness found it difficult to disguise his mounting excitement in anticipation of this afternoon's Heineken Cup quarter-final at the Parc des Princes underlined the all-consuming magnitude of the occasion.
The reporter noted that "an Oriental impassiveness characteristic of the Chinese" could not "hide the undercurrent of excitement" in Chinatown after the murder, and that despite their effort to "solve the real inwardness of the shooting," the police were unable to permeate "a seemingly impenetrable veil of mystery and silence" surrounding the event.
Simultaneously, the implied reader can see the impassiveness and unremarkableness of the cows' lives.
The ref gave it," said Fulham boss Paul Bracewell with impressive impassiveness.
W]hat lurks most often behind this pretense to a cold scientific impassiveness in observing human nature is a soured and cynical emotionalism and a distinctly romantic type of imagination.
Demme often had to admonish her during takes to stop sympathizing with her character and maintain the appropriate impassiveness.
Leslie pictorialized this turn of events by investing his subjects with a grim impassiveness and placing them back to back, as if posed to pace off in a duel.
I think the insight that exists beyond the fringe of possible knowledge of the divine in the Iliad is that God loves humankind and each human being, that it is not impassiveness that exists in the heart of God but love.
Faced with a Carlo Scarpa or a Louis Kahn we appreciate the struggle for expression as the one manifests an idea through carefully laid layers of plaster, the other through skeins of translucent marble, and how both of them crave to conquer the impassiveness of in-situ concrete.
Another factor in all this is Zidane's physiognomy, not just its leanness and toughness, emblematized by his balding, graying, closely cropped skull, but its basic impassiveness (his expression barely changes after his brilliant cross results in a goal), which adds to the impression of an inner ferocity that, not at all paradoxically--think of the great stars of classic Westerns--could scarcely be more photogenic.