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You will have impeccably cooked poached eggs in the time it takes to make the toast
Gamut is impeccably bred, being out of Greektown, a half-sister to the dam of North Light and to the granddam of Golan.
Up to twenty visitors at a time could lamp-scan Sechas's black-on-white, poster-size, impeccably cartooned scatological narrative of Siegfried's encounters with real people and invented cats: Hermes, his cat guide; Salvador Dali and Jacques Lacan like Scylla and Charybdis at the bedside of a feline Cyclops; Count Zaroff and his modernist sculpture garden; Countess Pornault-Cratesse (the pornocratess whose herd of pigs chases Siegfried and Hermes off a cliff); and Artemis, whose bevy of cat nymphs disguise themselves as Jurassic Pork, trap Siegfried, then threaten him with torture while teasing him to erection.
As is usual with these British productions, the casting is perfect, the settings and sets are impeccably showcased, the dialogue and direction are flawless, and the whole storytelling experience is first rate.
Mary Barry, of British Airways, said: "George behaved impeccably on the flight.
The latest stirring in this web of well-orchestrated disaster, which took the dance world by surprise, was the board's abrupt firing in May of its current co-artistic directors--the impeccably qualified Christine Dakin and Terese Capucilli--and their replacement by the equally qualified Janet Eilber.
For families with children, sections such as Red Hook and Coney Island are now impeccably beautiful.
A few days earlier, 25,000 Everton fans behaved impeccably in Rotterdam - why should they apologise?
But it was a little unfair to lock the Scots - who behaved impeccably throughout the match - in the stadium for an extra 40 minutes.
These impeccably dressed reps demonstrated and sold products door-to-door and provided customers with grooming techniques.
Sastre is impeccably the voice of Thursday Next, a real life heroine not afraid of derring do or of pitting her wits against the terrible Aornis.
My nails are always manicured, my hair impeccably tweezed.