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They lifted their team when they needed it, and yet again, they were impeccably behaved.
But such flaws are secondary in a volume whose essays are on the whole substantial, impeccably researched, and collectively indispensable to any study of Shakespeare's religious--and not so religious--concerns.
There's just no place in such a grand plan for Dery's quarter-acre property, which contains four impeccably maintained houses.
POP music done with style is rare these days, but My Legendary Girlfriend have plenty - impeccably dressed, their live show is classy, even boasting a music quiz interlude.
Dark Hole Again" is a superb piece of musical artistry for you gals with impeccably good taste.
Anthony Kiely, head of year 11, said: "Throughout their time in this school, this group of students have worked well, conducted themselves impeccably and devoted themselves to helping others.
On the day of the audioconference it was easy: the telephone connection instructions worked impeccably on both occasions.
Since then many of her precise lyrics in October Journey (1973), For Farish Street Green (1986), and This Is My Century: New and Collected Poems (1988) have been impeccably crafted.
For Linda Ronstadt fans, the release of this disc in such an impeccably mastered edition will be cause for celebration; for the rest of us, the crystal-clear sound will only serve to remind us how truly marginal her singing ability and general level of musicianship really are.
These novels were openly moralistic romances, and their highly schematized characters often included witches, fairy princesses, and impeccably noble gentlemen.
It will be resolved, and we will conduct and request an investigation on how such 24 hour 'E' posting can be so casually implemented without due process and professional courtesy for a company that has filed impeccably for 12 years," concluded Richard Altomare.
A minute's silence was impeccably observed by players and fans both home and away, as those who have given their lives for their country were honoured.