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What would tend to support this hypothesis is that Vallejo was simultaneously writing letters to others in which the issue of his impecuniosity did not appear.
Whilst this measure was obviously intended in part to hamstring the opposition parties,(29) the main opposition party, the NPP, did not in the event appear to suffer from any acute shortage of finance, and the impecuniosity of others arguably reflected their lack of widespread appeal.
For example, there is conflicting jurisprudence as to whether a plaintiff's impecuniosity can be strong cause for not enforcing a forum selection clause.
These are necessary features of guardianship interventions derived from their underlying purpose, a purpose which has not changed (because it cannot change) during the last fifteen years of guardianship reform and the introduction of co-decision-making models: to provide a social response to the needs of some individuals for ongoing assistance in order to prevent the loss of assets--and the hardships attendant on impecuniosity in old age--and physical harm.
He added the case was chosen as a test case as to whether impecuniosity constituted a defence to a claim for an order for specific performance.
The Court recognised that, given the impecuniosity of the applicant in that case, somebody else must have funded the litigation--most probably the applicant's lawyers--and (at least in that case) the fact that such lawyers stood to gain a success fee was a relevant factor in granting security.
You see, before the virtual overnight impecuniosity struck, Ant had been well wadded, as they say in his part of the south.
oh, happy times of careless impecuniosity, and youth" (pp.
A case has been listed for next month to determine if a defence of impecuniosity - complete lack of cash - can shield them.
There is, of course, an issue over the reliability of this evidence, given that it is in the interests of bankrupts to 'play down' the reasons for their impecuniosity.
Several of the customers in Belfast's Titanic Quarter confirmed they will be entering a defence of impecuniosity.