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Now Holland has edited a selection of those letters, shorn of scholarly impedimenta, to reach a broader public.
Hall, President and CEO of Epeius -- "In each and every cancer patient extends their very own impedimenta, which deepens and exacerbates with time and ineffectual apothecary.
Southwest is among a growing chorus of business practitioners and business advisors that in the past few years have sounded the refrain that conventional budgets, targets, performance metrics and many of the managerial impedimenta that we take for granted not only fail to help companies achieve success but may actually help make success unachievable.
Nevertheless, as Joan and Wallace Kirsop demonstrate, the family amassed a considerable amount of impedimenta during its stay.
Vestra enim litigia, libelli datio, exceptio, responsio, citationes, testium productiones, appellatio et sexcenta alia iuris, ut aiunt, a vobis reperta impedimenta, ut molestiam et impensarum onus ac fastidia omittam, odio sunt civitati, adeo ut omnes fere civium controversiae a suis cuiusque exercitii iudici-bus, reiecta vestra verbositate, decidantur.
The poor Minnow is so top-heavy with various experts and impedimenta on assessment that it resembles a ferryboat in Bangladesh.
I had him gelded, writing to him apologetically the way one does' without genital impedimenta he won some more races, getting six furlongs, once winning over a mile.
Along with the weapons, there are all the other impedimenta of modern warriors.
The expanding gulf between (1) increasing numbers of aging patients and (2) the impedimenta to supplying labs with sufficient educated younger workers has meant, however, that even swiftly evolving automation has not resolved the statistical "crunch" of the personnel shortage nor ended medical errors attributable to current technologists' mental, physical, and/or emotional strain.
And, in a scientific version of 'swords into ploughshares', iron, the third vital element, is provided by wire netting and pieces of metal, often salvaged from the abandoned tanks, trucks and other military impedimenta which litter the coast near Massawa.
And now I have discovered that the Fulda Gap is really now a store that sells Levi's and other kinds of impedimenta.