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The autoclave was designed with multiple motors impelling air circumferentially, instead of one at one end, to keep the part temperature uniform, thereby reducing cure time and improving product quality.
For Ultra-red, ambient music is about expanding the range of social relations, with technology playing a crucial role in the process: The array of beats Ultra-red mix into their audio collages isn't an added ear-candy bonus but a means of impelling negotiations--or, if that fails, confrontations--within politically contested spaces.
He even finds Judaism itself lacking for not impelling more intractable beliefs upon its followers.
It's very disturbing to read so much testimony of late from both "ex-gays" and transsexuals that reveals the primary thing impelling them to impose such drastic and fundamental "change" on themselves is merely the age-old fear (most often induced by religions and zealous parents) of what others will do and think if they simply accept themselves as gay.
Since these are gifts belonging to the Church of Christ, they are forces impelling towards Catholic unity" (Vatican II, 8).
nDarren Williams, who moved from Stuart Williams to Karl Burke a month ago, rode his first winner for his new boss when partnering Impelling to victory in the first division of the mile maiden handicap.
We speak of inspiration as an impelling force, an auditory push, but the same effect may be achieved by being drawn in: we fall from the crest whether shoved or sucked by vertigo, and thus other metaphors present themselves.
Environmental regulations are impelling foundries to consider innovative alternatives for managing their wastes.
The development and introduction of integrated safety systems based on standardized sensing, control, and human machine interfacing technologies can enable market participants to provide maximum applications at optimal overall costs thereby impelling the growth of Class 6-8 truck OE safety systems market.