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It's like equipping a person's life with a rerun function that impels him or her to think the same disturbing thoughts and to perform the same preventive rituals every day, for hours at a time.
Kant used logic and reason to propose the existence of the categorical imperative, which impels us to "act as if the maxim of our action were to become .
To this day, Orwell's one truly great book impels us to launch giant antitrust suits against companies like AT&T and IBM.
The impulse that motivated Komunyakaa as a small boy in his Louisiana hometown of Bogalusa impels him now as a GI in Vietnam, both personae laying claim to their humanity.
In fact, though I'm sensitive about my privacy and am generally a calm, introvertish sort of man, this discovery impels me to an action that is both unfamiliar and uncomfortable.
The question impels you to come to terms with incidents such as the clash between Long and the Shreveport establishment in 1928, the first year of his one-term governorship.
Once we deny justice to any human life, then we are well on the road to the kind of thinking that impels a fascist dictatorship to the horrors of the death camp and the purge," they said.
This need impels a gesture, a reaching out and up, as it were, with weak hands, to be opened as for a gift.
Zealous enforcement only impels the racketeers to more ingeniously furtive ways, and the greater risk is reflected in the price, once again benefiting the crooks and victimizing the addict.
This impels us towards Christ and makes us intent on penetrating His mysterious presence in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.