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BioSense's Z-Sense[TM] Differential Impendence Sensing system is a revolutionary new approach to rapid drug susceptibility testing that monitors the physiological stress developed in cells during exposure to pharmaceutical compounds to determine the effect of a drug on the cells.
The Sudanese team claimed Khartoum has not received any payment from Juba to cover the cost of processing and transporting its crude oil since South Sudan's impendence.
a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and test systems for EMC emission and immunity, has introduced a new impendence stabilization network (ISN) that is compatible with the highest speed class of Ethernet cables, Category 6.
An optional, internal Z'Scan(R) RF sensor allows real-time measurement and analysis of process power and impendence, providing the ability to identify and significantly reduce process variability.
The goal is to optimize the impendence of the antenna, the power amplifier and the filters in a large range of frequencies.
Mccb Shall Be Direct Mannualoperated Type Tharmal Magnetic Release Quick And Break Impendence Free Mechanism Complete With Seperator Links And Phase Barrier.
Core Energy is a Bakersfield, California based oil and gas production company with operations in Bakersfield and Impendence, Kansas.
The test is non-invasive, utilizing Electrical Impendence Scanning (EIS) to measure low-level electric signals as they pass through breast tissue.