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Only by virtue of its contract with the sky, then, does "the open" become open to its own irrevocability, its impenetrability and intelligibility: the fact that it appears in-finitude.
If the function of the Egyptian labyrinth was impenetrability, the prevention of intrusion into the necropolis, the function of the Knossos Labyrinth was inextricability, the prevention of escape into the world.
In fact, there are plenty of people in healthcare betting on the naivete or the impenetrability of the public to not be able to change their thinking.
The conventional idea that a castle is defined by its external features, its impenetrability and invincibility--with its moats and bow-and-arrow-slit windows, its crenellated flat roofs for defending soldiers while they attack with cannon and burning-oil, its towers for surveillance--is here overturned or, rather, turned inside-out.
Hills's analysis points to the apparent impenetrability and fortified vocabulary of the exteriors, and argues that the interior organization was formed on the "hermeneutics of depth" (122).
However, the development of the protagonist's response to the realization that the otherness that terrified and revolted him in Innsmouth also comprises his being offers space for a reading of Lovecraft's story that challenges the rejection of otherness and privileging of impenetrability found in other canonical modernist texts.
However, objects that have impenetrability will enable us to perform tasks such as stacking a pile of cards and grabbing things in the virtual world.
Equations (7) and (8) are called impenetrability conditions:
Shobokshi concludes, "This royal edict is an important step on the road to reforming religious discourse in Saudi Arabia," adding, "Everyone knows how significant and crucial this reform is, as it helps to break free from the extremism, isolation, and impenetrability of previous scholarship.
The album garnered mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics praising its intensity and uniqueness while others bemoaned its comparative impenetrability.
It seems in shreds the Mr Ijaz-led PCB has tried to ignore the complex issues, only adding style giving life through words with a typical impenetrability.
And they can be elliptical to the point of impenetrability (take the final movement of the Second Sonata: a whirling cloud of sound less than two minutes long).