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The reader is left to conclude whether Jonah's silence at the end of the narrative indicates sullen impenitence or shame-filled consideration, but only the latter is the response the poet desires from his audience.
They gradually lessen our fervour for generosity predisposing the soul to hardness of heart and ultimately to mortal sin with final impenitence.
The ASC panel stated that the "nature of the misconduct - at root, simple deceit - coupled with the impenitence of Couch and the resultant grave risk we perceive of future harm from the Respondents, lead us to conclude that all of the Respondents pose a permanent danger to the investing public.
His English apothecary Crispin, by contrast, has two sides to his nature: despite his unscrupulous professional practices, he finds his conscience troubled at the deathbed of Antonius because of the dying man's impenitence, and hurries home to set his affairs in order (p.
It is a capacity that enables Torvald to make a first tentative step away from impenitence and toward transformation: (7)</p> <pre> HELMER: Nora,--can't I ever be anything more than a stranger to you?