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Security Council members will not be happy about a directive to act with speed, but the invariable imperativeness of a quick determination--with lives hanging in the balance--should justify giving less preference to diplomatic niceties.
since therefore both the attacks used for sense use framework for the purpose of imperativeness.
2006) ("Exigent circumstances are those characterized by 'grave emergency,' imperativeness for safety, and compelling need for action, as judged by the totality of the circumstances.
The bottom line is the imperativeness of involving the women in the process of praxis to transform charity into collaboration.
It is just to put the record straight; and, more importantly, to underscore the imperativeness for carrying through the policy in execution tightly effectively, without any lapse or letup.
The use of biomass energy can help reduce the imperativeness of buying expensive foreign oil.
20) One's conscience reveals the absolute imperativeness of moral obligation, and for that reason one chooses to have faith, and not the other way around; whoever believes that everything would be permitted if God did not exist has a corrupt disposition.
Firstly, the imperativeness of building mutual trust between the two communities before embarking on any political solution through constitutional changes, and secondly, how one could provide a sense of assurance and security to the Tamil community that they will have equality within inequality.
Always focused on the imperativeness of treating our customers the way we like to be treated.
The pianto di fuoco emphasizes the imperativeness of prayer and the necessity of weeping for the soul's conversion.
4) Based on the number of reported child abductions in which a neighborhood canvass facilitated the recovery of the victim, the FBI confidently asserts the imperativeness of neighborhood canvasses during all child abduction investigations.