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Compared to spatial domain techniques, frequency-domain watermarking techniques proved to be more effective with respect to achieving the imperceptibility and robustness requirements of digital watermarking algorithms (Cox et al.
Since the Human Visual System (HVS) inherently performs multiresolution decomposition, each decomposed layer of a binary watermark is embedded into the corresponding layer of an image (Notably, to achieve imperceptibility, the lowest band of an image is left unmodified).
The best illustration I can draw of this difference and its imperceptibility is from the occasion when I gave the lecture on which this Essay is based, marking my inauguration as the Yale Law School's third Alexander M.
However, the requirements of imperceptibility and robustness conflict between each other.
A good watermarking algorithm satisfies some performance metrics such as imperceptibility, robustness, capacity, security, oblivious detection, etc.
The tape moves away from the threshold of imperceptibility by becoming a physical barrier.
Thus, the design of a watermarking method always involves a tradeoff between imperceptibility and robustness.
Modifications are optimized using PSO to obtain highest possible robustness without losing the imperceptibility.
That implies a high embedding efficiency, and therefore distortion introduced to the covers is low, leading to enhanced imperceptibility of the secret message.
In a few of Appel's smaller works, variations of a single hue are splayed swatchbook-style, although their differences in tone are often so finely subdivided they verge on imperceptibility.
The first is the imperceptibility of space and time.