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As Wordsworth's reference to his "Sad blindness" in the final stanza suggests, the eclipse, as a veil limiting perception, also figures moral impercipience, the limited vistas of a fallen humanity, and this austere recognition authorizes the poem's concluding statement of faith.
We might comfort ourselves in our belief in Amin's animal impercipience but that, Foden reminds, is to entirely miss the point.
The "witch," Geli Tripping, herself an inhabitant of ontological interfaces, is one of Slothrop's Zonal guides, introducing him with all his impercipience into the Zone's representational "arrangements":
This impercipience also characterizes her apprehension of Mr Eccles.
The common feature these so-called measurement and optimization errors share is the impercipience of their source, hence we call the combined effect of these errors perception error.
This expectation is based on the self-interest motivation of both the household and the water utility to take into account the factors which lead to impercipience in determining their behavior.
a dull, unsharpened impercipience shut off from the intricacy and fecundity of each human life.