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In trying to determine a point from which the imperfectness of infinity got fixed in Greek philosophy, we surely have to take note of Pythagoreans.
Togetherness": I admire your zest for success/the strength you possess/the perfect, the imperfectness.
Therefore, to argue that the absence of wholesale transactions and the imperfectness of downstream competition would prove the existence of upstream collective dominance is a non sequitur, as affirming the consequences does not necessarily imply the premise.
I am very sad that that fire broke out, praying to the Lord as incessantly as water runs to bring down this fire so that our Orthodox Rosian people would walk on land as the people of Israel had done once; as my position demands I always pray to God to heal the imperfectness of the world, praying Him to deliver me with my flock from destruction, God, o God of my salvation.
On the imperfectness of Shab'an "Lailat al Nisf" -15th night is enough evidence, other than Rajab and Ramazan.