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This "Rosetta Stone" provides a common assessment utility from various species imperilment lists.
We use Nature-Serve's at-risk species as our measure of species fragility rather than Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings because ESA listings are subject to political influences (Ando, 1999; Metrick and Weitzman, 1998; Rawls and Laband, 2004) and therefore do not truly reflect species imperilment.
Within this unprecedented horizon of global ecosocial imperilment, in which hope is especially hard to come by, a new kind of utopian impulse is emerging: one that no longer looks to nature, as Bloch still does, as a stage-setting or building site for the emancipatory projects of humanity, but rather recognizes our multifarious 'earth others' as worthy of emancipation in their own right.
At your imperilment will you neglect its implementation," he warned.
The critical imperilment of this species is due to its low population size (less than 100 individuals), restriction to a single cave (Key Cave) in Lauderdale County, Alabama, and threats to the cave's recharge area (USFWS 1982; 1985; 1990; Romero 1998; Romero and Paulson 2001).
The structure of the coalition thereby provided an incentive for conflict mediation (and, as a result, for the reduction of the imperilment to Iceland's stability and welfare).
The alleged anguish adult Americans feel over the imperilment of our young is not really about young Americans at all.
The species are listed as "special" when it is deemed that they are of such rarity or in such a degree of imperilment that they face serious risks of population decline or extirpation.
30) The standard for the use of force in self-defense is the presence of an armed attack or some immediate or imminent imperilment to the state.
32) In Egypt, women suffer second-class citizenship, imperilment of their bodily integrity because of the State's dismissal of domestic violence claims, and the persistence of female genital mutilation (FGM) despite the State's condemnation of the practice.
The authors decry the imperilment of this ideal, excoriating Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, and Pat Buchanan for cloaking themselves in the rhetoric of religion and morality while promoting a virulent and obdurate symbolic politics that threatens the nation's democratic tradition (pp.