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They address the specific actions that the community of nations -- with American leadership -- should take to confront and turn back the nuclear danger that imperils humanity.
In the process, both sides have perpetuated a system that imperils lives, domestic security and the economy.
Against this backdrop, public debt dynamics remain on an unsustainable path that imperils the capacity of the Argentine government to meet its debt obligations.
The busy interchange suffers from that same affliction that imperils the rest of the state: a lack of planning, forethought and concern among local and state political leaders.
In last month's issue of the Gilder Technology Report, George Gilder made the bold statement that "BlueArc imperils all the software based network storage appliances, whether from NetApp, EMC, Hewlett Packard, Procom or Compaq.
The danger in playing politics instead of behaving like statesmen is that ultimately it imperils the lives of American troops by creating doubt and leaving serious policy questions blowing in the wind.
If suspicious activity imperils network security or bandwidth integrity, network administrators can use NetGuard RPM to make corrective system adjustments, suspend an individual user or create a temporary rule pending further investigation.
Pike's fraud now imperils the mifepristone project,'' the lawsuit complaint says.
These results are outstanding and clearly show that Company operations have entered a period of sustained growth that in no way imperils the Company's profitability.