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As Sunday evening approached, I walked with my camera in the cool spring air, capturing light and shadow, imperfect and impermanent.
6 percent, and impermanent wide-use products, by 1.
Because street painting is a performance art, the artwork is almost always impermanent.
Developed to address the security needs, BYOD policies, and message restrictions in the enterprise, TigerText is committed to keeping mobile communications secure, private and impermanent.
Gunship With impermanent black I mark the horizon line.
The anti-independence campaign, Better Together, stressed the economic consequences of independence, fanning uncertainties about lost jobs, insecure pensions and Scotland's reliance on impermanent oil revenues.
At the same time that he describes Paris life, Goldsborough highlights the impermanent nature of the characters' lives and the newspaper's future.
So, like a scraggly clump of wildflowers held out to her with a smile, we celebrate today something sweet, mixed, imperfect, natural, impermanent and unique: Mother.
Hence, while the United States will remain the mightiest military and naval power in the 21st century, its track record, performance, and credibility can only be described as inept, unreliable, and impermanent.
As bedrock fizzles free & pops we lose ontology amidst the fattened dark, trusting the dance floor with our impermanent parts, vigor that will flee like horses heart: a gluttonous sea, rusting the dance floor.
The impermanent nature of life on the chars means that the char-dwellers are made up of peoples in flux, including many refugees and illegal immigrants, often living without access to health care, electricity or proper sanitation.
We're planning to do something with sand, a material that's very impermanent," says Paul, adding that water is another element that may enter the equation.