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Such a transaction would not constitute either an impermissible forfeiture or an impermissible assignment of any potential remainder interest in an IRA.
Impermissible definition of termination from employment
Impermissible definition of otherwise permissible payment event: Plan provisions that provide for payment upon separation from service, change in control, or disability based on definitions that do not comply with Sec.
The NCAA considers the impermissible phone calls major violations, but did not ban the Crusaders from postseason play.
Previously, both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives have repaid tens of thousands of pounds each over impermissible donations.
Kicking the sacred cow; questioning the unquestionable and thinking the impermissible.
The appellate division ruled 3-1 that the dispute "cannot be decided by application of neutral principles of law" and "would necessarily involve impermissible inquires into religious doctrine and the Congregation's membership requirements.
Impermissible contacts with the governmental entity occurs when the bidder contacts an individual at a state agency who is not the "designated contact person" for the particular procurement in an attempt to influence that agency.
Yes, in the scepter'd isle, the land of King Arthur, it is now impermissible for civilians to own swords, as well as any other edged weapon that the government doesn't like.
The impermissible use of such stereotypes would ultimately undermine our counter-terrorism efforts by alienating significant segments of our society," Harvey noted.
At-will employment does not give license to employers to discriminate or retaliate on an otherwise impermissible basis.
The church urged compassion for such people but still insisted that all sex outside of marital heterosexual intercourse without contraception was morally impermissible.