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There are various means of impersonal presentation in English, such as agentless passive, nominalization, ed-participle, resultative, impersonal pronouns, inchoative, infinitive clauses, existentials, metonymy, etc.
God sustains the world, but he is an impersonal, intelligent spirit.
It was a communal activity rather than this impersonal, personal trolley push.
However, such techniques are impersonal and are applied on a global basis.
The chained pen is a symbol of traditional banks 'inflexible, impersonal way of doing things', and that is what the bank wanted to do away with, according to TD Bank.
En este sentido, Deci y Ryan sostienen que la Orientacion Autonoma se vincula negativamente con la Orientacion Impersonal ya que, aun dandose el caso de que la Autonoma tenga un cariz extrinseco (como por ejemplo, abrocharse el cinturon de seguridad), no obstante puede devenir hacia lo intrinseco.
The study said the encounter between staff and patients "is mainly task-related and delivered in a largely impersonal manner" while the hospital environment is "often impersonal".
Impersonal constructions; a cross-linguistic perspective.
Before discussing Impersonality, I will first evoke the categories that Cameron articulated in her earlier work, which are conceptually related to the question of the impersonal inasmuch as they too dramatize the experience of personal identity.
The second set of concepts is related to Lomasky's understanding of impersonal value and reasons.
The interaction of voice and modal verbs in Estonian is of general interest because of the way that it confirms the impersonal nature of the basic voice opposition in Estonian and clarifies the constraints on impersonalization.
Con esta contundente aseveracion comienza la obra de la poeta y ensayista Denise Riley, Impersonal Passion.