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He affixed that rooftop ornament in a spirit of melancholy Celtic holism, a sense of tranquil imperturbability in the face of an unknowable future.
Beghe gives Rearden a gravelly imperturbability, like an industrial crime boss, which works pretty well when he defies a government kangaroo court with a brave declaration of his rights as a creator.
For it is a truth universally acknowledged that the Englishman abroad maintains his admirable imperturbability in the face of the slings and arrows of outrageously exotic fortune, armoured with the knowledge that his civilised strength is as the strength of 10 because his two-ply is pure.
48) Considered from this perspective, this is not only a powerful warning--it is, at the same time, an expression of Epictetus' strongly optimistic outlook on our chances of reaching a virtuous life, that is, if we manage to cast away our vicious judgments, we will instantly have reached imperturbability, euroia and eudaimonia (Cf.
Hermsprong is attractive because his contrariness testifies to the imperturbability of his reason, and to hear his conversation is to be smitten with a man who is rational because he is, or purports to be, disinvested from place, property, or political standing.
President Kiir's solemn approach of persistence and tested imperturbability not only outlast El Beshir's combativeness but also afford him little pretext to declare war, to disrupt and to disavow the CPA, thus, killing the referendum dream prematurely.
Whatever the source of his imperturbability, France was fortunate to have it in the right man at the right time.
Both believed in punctuality in appointments and imperturbability in life.
To me they seem to have become as irrelevant as a Biedermeier bathing suit or the imperturbability of a gentleman.
Maybe it's the famous Scandinavian imperturbability that makes Netto International managing director Claus Juel-Jensen talk so candidly about the discount retailer's UK business recording a 50% fall in operating profit in 2008--widely acknowledged as the year the discounters arrived as a genuine force on the UK retail scene.
Actors suddenly falling to the floor; an alternation between static tableaux and moments of frantic movement; the tension between the exaggerated and mechanical onstage response to a deafening noise and the imperturbability required of the audience: That's what Foreman is about.
Johnson is that perfect mix of passion and imperturbability and will be keeping a very special eye on the Swansea marksman.