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He's a cursed white-blooded pedantic coxcomb," said Will, with gnashing impetuosity.
He was a large dog, as large as Dango, the hyena, and he charged with all the vicious impetuosity of Numa, the lion.
The old ardour and impetuosity were nearly worn out.
I acted on that hint, with the headlong impetuosity of a man who was in love.
Tom, who stood by her, idly spinning the curtain tassel, followed the familiar figure with his eye, and seeing how gray the hair had grown, how careworn the florid face, and how like a weary old man his once strong, handsome father walked, he was smitten by a new pang of self-reproach, and with his usual impetuosity set about repairing the omission as soon as he discovered it.
He shook his head, in grave disapproval of my impetuosity.
Yet during those first days of our love, fear of the future came often to me when I thought of the violence and impetuosity of his love-making.
The people fell back, scarce wondering more at what had just occurred, than at the excitement and impetuosity of him who spoke.
Having watched the four from almost within arm's length (and they me) for several minutes, they rushed into the water at full gallop with the greatest impetuosity, and emitted at the same time their bark.
And moreover she could not have spoken with a certain voice in the face of his impetuosity, because she did not have time to understand either the state of her feelings, or the precise nature of what she was doing.
I had not thus looked, and wished, and wondered long, before I vaulted over the barrier, unable to resist the temptation of taking one glance through the window, just to if she were more composed than when we parted; - and if I found her still in deep distress, perhaps I might venture attempt a word of comfort - to utter one of the many things I should have said before, instead of aggravating her sufferings by my stupid impetuosity.
The impetuosity of this act and the weight and momentum of his body carried the bull backward, clutching and clawing for support, down through the leafy branches of the tree.