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It is in the form of dialogue, or conversation between the impetuous Caroline, the serious Emily, and their tutor Mrs.
Add a healthy dose of intrigue and you have a fun, light-hearted read for kids in grades 4-6 with Jane Leslie Conly's Impetuous R.
Faithful to the film, the production has Ellen Degeneres, Willem Defoe, Barry Humphries and other stars voicing the characters as it tells the story of the impetuous young clownfish Nemo who gets separated from his dad Marlin and ends up in a dentist's aquarium in Sydney.
The characters come alive on the page, from Whip, Eddie's impetuous best friend, to shy, kind Peavey, to Eddie, in all his believable confusion.
Kurt Lehmann sang Alfredo, quite correctly, as weak-willed and impetuous.
It is like an impetuous and precocious child that makes pronouncements on the nature of reality; it is a wonderful instrument for discovery of the truth but still in its infancy.
But the film is mean-spirited and crude, subjecting the impetuous hero and his blushing bride to various disastrous escapades in order to drive them apart.
Iraq': there was just himself/absorbed in his modest unassuming way/by the slow, black spiraling--/his days sloping down/swirling and choking/toward the endpoint of the cone/the dot, the horrifying moment/for himself alone//until his grandson/flung backward by a rocket-propelled grenade/in faraway Iraq/sped past him, impetuous youth/spattering flesh until the spiral was a messy blur/which clogged and stopped/endlessly/obliterated by grief.
The first movement felt a little rushed, even impetuous.
Sarah Lane (a dancer I'd love to see more of) was charming and impetuous as the Two of Diamonds.
Mel Gibson is undeniably an impetuous and troubled man.
But it was his impetuous action that kicked off the drama in the first place.